What is AIESEC?

With more than 90.000 members in 126 countries, AIESEC is the biggest student-run organisation in the world. This has not always been the case. We grew from the collaboration and efforts of students from seven countries in 1948, who believed that teaching the next generation about responsible leadership would be the solution to the global threat of war.

In 2017, AIESEC is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. At AIESEC, we believe that if we select young, smart people and help them in becoming global-minded leaders, the positive impact we can have together is enormous. In order to have this impact, we offer international exchange experiences that increase cross-cultural understanding, which can be either professional or voluntary.

To accommodate this service, we select talented and ambitious young people for our board. These board members enable the impact this organisation has on people, and we would love to see you becoming one of them. A summary of our mission, vision and projects can be found here! Of the 90.000 members AIESEC has globally, approximately300 of them are based in the Netherlands. AIESEC in the Netherlands consists of 11 committees.

We are looking for YOU..

..if you are a university student (or recent graduate) in the Netherlands and available part time (± 20 hrs per week) or full time from july 2017- july 2018. AIESEC is looking for board members who are:

  • Enthusiastic people with a good motivation for joining AIESEC
  • Students with a global view and international interests

  • Team players
  • Good social skills
  • Commitment to the organization, your team and your function

  • Pro-active
  • Ambitious people who want to achieve something in today’s world