The ESN board consists of seven ambitious and internal position people with various positions. All functions require at least 30 hours of work per week, with a maximum of 50 hours a week in busy weeks. This number includes event attendance (there are usually 2-3 events per week). The various positions are:


As the President of ESN-Rotterdam you will be in charge of overlooking a rapidly growing international organization, catering to thousands of students each year! You will be the face of the organization, as well as the leader of a very ambitious and dynamic team. Amongst one of your many responsibilities you will be able to contribute to the long-term internationalisation of Erasmus University, and create impact that will linger for many years.

As the President of ESN Rotterdam you will be able to develop your leadership skills, interpersonal intelligence, public speaking skills, executive decision making, motivation abilities, network, and many more. Being part of ESN will enable you to gain great international experience, unique perspective and professional experience.


As the Secretary and Vice-President you handle the internal affairs within the board and the organization. At the same time, you also are the main contact person of ESN for internal as well as external parties.  You coordinate the buddy system and you will be responsible for coordinating introduction services such as the Pick up service. Moreover, you assist the President in supporting the rest of the board and take over his/her position when necessary.


As treasurer at ESN you are responsible for all the finances of the organization. This includes being in charge of the cash inflow/outflow and the financial planning such as monitoring the budgets. Your daily job consists of controlling, forecasting, bookkeeping, banking, making payments, handling receipts and working closely with the event managers to make orders, create budgets for events and negotiate deals with third parties. 

Cultural Event Manager

As a Cultural Events Manager, your main responsibility is to organize events where students get the chance to learn about the Netherlands and about different cultures. Those events involve mainly food, music and movies. In addition to this you will also be organizing multiple city trips in the Netherlands and abroad. Finally, you are responsible for the Introduction Days of the international students in the summer and winter. 

Social Event Manager 

As the social events manager of ESN you are responsible for the sport activities and social events. For both areas you organize committees that will support your planning and execution. Successful project management requires time management, leadership- and communication skills. Especially negotiation tactics are of great importance when meeting external partners. Beside these qualities, the social events manager is energetic, outgoing and possesses excellent networking skills.  

Marketing Manager 

As the ESN Marketing Manager you work closely together with the events managers and your marketing committee to make all the ESN events a success. You are taking the lead in promoting all the events and ESN in general. For this you are in charge of all social media channels to promote ESN events. The marketing manager is always using creativity to find new ways of promotion for online and offline purposes. There’s a large degree of freedom you have in this and thinking outside of the box is a must in this case.

Partnership Manager 

As the partnership manager, you will search for lucrative partners for ESN to work with and will be responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with all external parties. In this position, you will be leading the acquisitions committee, whose main responsibility is to find new partners for the ESNcard. Apart from this, you will be working on the ESN Business Day, as well as maintaining the good image of ESN Rotterdam to all existing or potential partners and sponsors.