The Kembé board consists of four board members with the following positions:

  • Leading role in project management and team management 
  • Relationship management with the local partner NGO Sharing Worlds Tanzania
  • Envisioning the future of the Kembé foundation
  • Formation of the Kembe board and committees

  • Leading role in project financing and acquisition
  • Specify project budget
  • Financial analysis to approve the project
  • Develop marketing, pitching and sales skills
  • Formation of the Kembe acquisition committee

Marketing manager
  • Leading role in project management and team management 

  • Marketing and external communication (website, publications, Facebook)
  • Ensuring timely delivery of action points
  • Development of the marketing strategy and plan

Events manager
  • Leading role in the events team.
  • Assist in forming the events committee.
  • Organize events on campus with the aim of creating awareness and raising funds.
  • Co-develop the business in Tanzania