A heart for the world, a head for business.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to bringing students, higher education and business professionals together. Enactus strives to make a change in the community through social enterprises We provide a platform for teams of outstanding university students to create community development projects that put people’s own ingenuity and talents at the centre of improving their livelihoods. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, our students take the kind of entrepreneurial approach that empower people to be a part of their own success. Our work transforms the lives of people we serve, and in turn, the lives of our students as they developed into more effective, results oriented leaders. This platform gives you an incredible opportunity to work closely with business leaders from Randstad, Rabobank, Heineken, Allianz, LeasePlan and many more.

Working on the projects not only changes lives for those who really need it but also helps student with developing talent and leadership skills they need for their future career. In the Netherlands there are 14 local Enactus teams run by students. Enactus Erasmus University Rotterdam (Enactus EUR) is one of the youngest and biggest teams.