Lead with ECE Students!

ECE Students is the biggest student entrepreneurship network at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
We’re an international bunch of confident, driven and creative students decided to make a difference. We don’t follow, we lead. We don’t settle for the mediocre. We strive for fresh, powerful and lasting contributions that motivate students to take their future in their own hands. ECE Students provides all the resources - coaching, network, working space - to help you to bring your ideas into the real world.
Our mission is to inspire entrepreneurship in students and guide the students who want to start a startup. We connect and empower our members by creating an engaging community and encouraging experiential learning.

ECE Students organises events for students that are interested in entrepreneurship or want to start their own startup. From IdeaLabs where students have the opportunity to come up with ideas for existing startups to the 24hr Business Game where students can realise their business plan in 24hrs and win an opportunity to kickstart their idea after a pitch to investors. We foster a community of hard working passionate students that share the same interest. We aim to create events that make an impact and change the mindset of students from dreaming to doing.