Obtaining board experience is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself more than during your entire bachelor- and master programme. You will have the opportunity to bring your association to an entirely new level. And most importantly, you will develop yourself as nowhere else.  

Our rector magnificus, Huibert Pols, supports this initiative and wants to underline the importance of taing place in a board, since it is an important contribution to your CV. Many future employers highly recommend obtaining board experience during your student life.  

But what exactly is a board year, and in what kind of organisations you can do one? Find the answer to these questions on this website and learn morge about the various organisations on campus. Below you will find an overview of various organisations.

They will give you the opportunity to: 

- Get your association to a new level; 
- Gain experience in running a company; 
- Boost your CV; 
- Get in touch with leading multinationals; 
- Strengthen your teamwork skills; 
- Realize your ambition. 

Apply for a position at one of the organisations and make the best move in your career!